Terms and Conditions

The Hiree is responsible for the hire items until their collection. We recommend that the lights are placed in an unused area or against a wall.


In the event of any items requiring repair as a result of the Hiree’s (or their guests’s) negligence, misuse or abuse, then the Hiree shall bear the cost of any such repair. In the event that the items are damaged beyond economical repair or are lost, the Hiree shall bear the full cost of replacement.


KMS Hire will use best endeavours to set up the hire items as requested by the Hiree but reserves the right to change the set up of the hire items if required to do so by the Venue or in the interests of health and safety. We request that the hire items are not moved after set up. KMS Hire reserves the right to check on the hire items during the hire period.


KMS Hire will ensure that the hire items are set up safely and securely at the Venue. KMS Hire will not be liable should an injury or expense occur as a result of the misuse of our products. Our service is provided in good faith that our products will only be used as intended. The hire items are for decorative effect only and are not for sitting, standing or climbing on and we ask that food and drink are not placed on them.


In the event of a cancellation by the Hiree more than 8 weeks before the Hire Date any monies paid shall be refunded minus the deposit. In the event of a cancellation by the Hiree less than 8 weeks prior to the Hire Date no refund will be made and the Hiree will be liable for the full Hire Fee.


In the event of a change or postponement due to COVID19 all bookings will be transferred to the new date with no fees or charges. If for any reason transfer is not possible a full refund will be given.