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Magic Carpet RGB Colour Changing Light Up Dance Floor

Our light up dance floors are an amazing addition to all weddings, parties, events and occasions.

This Magic Carpet RGB remote controlled colour changing illuminated LED dance floor has been custom built for us in the UK.

The range of colours and patterns allow you to choose anything from a subtle mood colour for your room right up to crazy rainbow colours for the evening. The programs, speed of change and even the brightness of the dance floor can all be changed with a small remote control.

Due to the unique construction and wiring its design makes it the most stable and reliable dance floor on the market, with no loss of operation due to spilt drinks or poor electrical connections (as found on many of the other dance floors available).

Special offers available when booked with our light up letters or retro style photo booth. Please contact us for prices.

Due to the nature of the panels it is available as a 15ft x 15ft floor. Please contact us for larger sizes.

Magic Carpet RGB colour changing dancefloor
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